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Beginning Harmonica Players

Here are our Number 1 recommendations for those of you just starting out in the world of harmonica and music. But, you can't go wrong with any of these regardless of your level. Click below on "Other Instruments" for guitar, keyboards, melodicas, kazoos, accordians, and more.

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Buy Lee Oskar harmonica
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  Recommended by Harmonica Lessons.com
The Lee Oskar Major Diatonic- "Our No. 1 recommendation. The serious beginner can't go wrong with the standard Lee Oskar major diatonic in the key of "C". It is a bit more expensive than some of the other brands, but worth the price for it's consistent volume, tone, and durability. It's airtightness makes it easier to learn to bend on. Be sure to use the pulldown menu to select the key of "C" if you are just starting out. The Lee Oskar harmonicas also feature the 1st position and 2nd position keys printed on the ends of each diatonic for easy reference. You can also order Lee Oskar Replacement Reed Plates when the reeds go bad."
Harmonica Lessons.com
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*No.1 Online Instruction: Start learning now!
Harmonica Lessons.comô (website)- Over 425 pages of harmonica instruction and information. Learn to play immediately !! Includes over 150 of the most popular and requested tabs and songs anywhere -- Learn to play the blues -- Play Techniques like Single Notes & Bending. Can't find or afford a teacher? Besides the text-based instruction and MP3 audio examples, use the Members Forums for help. Theory, Blues Riffs, Complete Beginners Section, and much more. Free samples available.
Buy Dylan tab book
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The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan- (Tab Book) "A Bob Dylan harmonica tab book. With vocal melody, harmonica notation, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams, instructional text, performance notes and black & white photos. Along with lyrics and music, his solos are included in harmonica tablature."
Buy CX-12 chromatic
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Hohner CX-12 Chromatic Harmonica- The CX-12 is a fairly new model for Hohner but it is quickly becoming popular for it's smooth ballad-like sound, easy action, good volume, and ease of disassembly for cleaning and repair. You will most likely want to stick with the key of "C". 12 holes, 3 complete octaves, hole 1 is "middle C". Pro Recommendation: "Great for beginners. It's louder without losing any dynamic range. The CX-12 is easier to bend notes on, and facilitates some extended techniques with less trouble then other harps I've tried. The ease of taking the CX-12 apart is a huge plus for me."- Bill Barrett

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