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Harmonica CDs: Chromatic

Chromatic Harmonica Defined- The chromatic harmonica has a button on the side, which when NOT used, allows you to play a normal major scale in the key of the chromatic (typically chromatics are in the key of "C"). With the button depressed, you can achieve all the missing half-step notes in-between the major scale notes. This allows you to play in any key and play any type of scale. The chromatic is typically used in jazz and classical music, but is found in all styles of music. If bending notes is important to you, you are best off with a diatonic. Bending doesn't work nearly as well on the chromatic as it does on the diatonic harmonica and when used, is used more for a "bending effect". In most cases, you will be doing well to bend a note a half-step down.
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Barrett, Bill- "Backbone"- "Harmonica whiz Bill Barrett with his electric group (organ, guitar, drums) puts down some serious funk and blues. A master harmonica player, Mr. Barrett is tops!"
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Thielemans, Toots- "Oscar Peterson Big 6- Montreux Jazz Festival"- Straight ahead jazz from six great players. Jazz harmonica innovator Toots Thielemans does some of his best work on this live album. If you, or someone you know, needs proof that great bebop can be played on the chromatic harmonica, check out this album. It just doesn't get any better.
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Wonder, Stevie- "Eivets Rednow- ALFIE"- Eivets Rednow, or Stevie Wonder spelled backwards, is a little-known 1968 instrumental album that features Stevie playing chromatic harmonica. Great tone, great timing, great playing. The overall production is a bit on the "smaltzy" side, but any fans of Stevie's playing will enjoy this album.
The Genius of Larry Adler
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Adler, Larry- Genius of Larry Adler [IMPORT] - 15 Classic Songs from the Harmonica Genius.
Larry Adler, Maestro of th e Mouth Organ
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Adler, Larry- Maestro of the Mouth Organ - The recordings presented on this CD represent a sampling of the work Adler did during the 1930's, from his earliest recording date with Ruth Etting to recordings made with Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. Though a little light on the classical side due to time constraints of recordings of that era, this collection does represent some very impressive outings with a respectable selection of songs by Gershwin, Ellington, Porter and other songwriters of the day. No look at the career of Larry Adler would be complete without these important early recordings.
The Best of Larry Adler
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Adler, Larry- The Best of Larry Adler [IMPORT]- Tracks Include: How High the Moon, Blues in the Night, Caravan, Love for Sale, Summertime, I Got Rhythm, Stormy Weather, I've Got You under My Skin, Body and Soul, Night and Day and More.
The Best of Larry Adler
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Midnight Cowboy: [SOUNDTRACK featuring Larry Adler]- John Barry's elegant title track and handful of cues here still rate as some of his best. Their melodies frequently carried by a mournful solo harmonica, Barry's coolly detached music ironically undercuts the grit and grime of John Schlesinger's Oscar-winning classic. Melodically irresistible, Barry's Midnight Cowboy music further cemented Barry's reputation as one of modern film's greatest composers. Our Comments - It features the classic theme and "Joe Buck Rides Again" played on chromatic by Larry Adler.
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Various Artists (compiled by J.J. Milteau)- "Inspiration: 22 Harmonica Performances"- This CD is an absolutely perfect and pleasurable way for one to get acquainted with the various types of music and playing styles that the harmonica is so capable of. "It is a fine, budgeted anthology of the varying heroes of the harmonica. Unlike most such anthologies, the Blues and country music are not all that's here. Most of the big names familiar to hardcore harmonicists, such as pioneers Lou Adler, Borrah Manckevitch, and Deford Bailey are here as well as more recent stalwarts as Little Walter Jacobs, James Cotton, Toots Thielemans, and Stevie Wonder (here performing "Alfie' from the "Eivets Rednow" album). All major harmonica styles are covered here, and it's a good introduction to the musical diversity and possibilities of this once-neglected instrument. Harmonicists will treasure this, and it will be an enjoyable listen to the casual fan." The songs on this album have been "keyed" for you in the CDs: Song Keys section at Harmonica Lessons.com.

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