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Microphones & Pickups
Electronic Effects

Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic Jack
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Shaker Madcat Harmonica Mic- "The Madcat is a miniature, handmade mic made expressly for the harp player. It cups easily in the hand letting you produce very natural wah-wah sounds while putting the lid on the harp player's biggest enemy--feedback. It's equipped with a volume knob, short 1/4" cable, and comes with an extender jack for connecting a longer instrument cable. This is a great alternative to bulkier, heavier bullet-style mics which doesn't compromise on the filthy tone blues players demand."
Buy Hohner Blues Mic
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Hohner Blues Blaster Harmonica Microphone- This is one of the standards and favorites of blues harmonica players (especially Chicago Blues stylists). Unlike some of the other microphones available for harmonica players, this mic comes complete with a volume control for better on stage volume control. Please note that the high-impedance cable to plug this mic directly into your amp must be purchased separately.
Buy Green Bullet Mic
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Shure 520DX Green Bullet Mic- Another one of the standards and favorites of blues harmonica players (especially Chicago Blues stylists). High impedance, volume control, built-in mic cord (supplied with 1/4" phone plug connector to use with any standard amplifier.
Buy Shure SM58 Mic
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Shure SM58s w/on-off switch- "The undisputed world standard for stage microphones. Legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other mic. World-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound." Our thoughts: A great low-impedance vocal mic that will also give you a "clean" harmonica sound on stage when going directly into the PA system. The on-off switch allows you to instantly cut off feedback. Mic cable may not be included.
Buy Fender Bassman  Amp
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-Ready for that pro sound?-
Fender 59 Bassman- "The straightforward Fender 59 Bassman outperforms most of the fancy amps on the market today. Over the years, it also won the hearts of harmnica players and guitarists who, after experimenting with all kinds of preamps and effects racks, found its simplicity, great tone, excellent dispersion, and touch-sensitive dynamics a true pleasure. This reissue is true to the original while adding several enhancements: U.S.-made GT-6L6 output tubes, improved 12AX7 preamp tubes, and an internal bias pot, making it easier to experiment with other output tubes. It also features a genuine lacquered tweed covering, solid finger-jointed pine cabinet, and an original-spec 4AR4 rectifier tube for natural compression when you play hard. Includes fitted cover. " Our thoughts: Not cheap, but if you want to get serious, this is "the classic blues amp" used by pro harmonica and guitar players alike.
Buy Line 6 POD 2.0
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POD 2.0 Recording Amp- 32 amp models, 16 pro-quality effects! This fully programmable desktop unit delivers a wide range of legendary amp tones (sixteen models, expandable with included software to 32) and features sixteen pro-quality digital effects setups arranged on separate knobs. It also offers extensive programmability via MIDI-adjustable parameters. In short, it lets you record mind-blowing tracks with full volume punch without freaking out the neighbors. Comes with a CD that includes Emagic¨ SoundDiver¨ software (for both PC and Mac platforms). You can get additional amp models, cabinet emulations, and effects parameters, plus mix-and-match amps and cabs, and you can do strange things with the wah functions and other fun stuff. Made by Line 6."

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