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Quality hardware and software, mixers, audio interfaces, monitors, and more for making pro recordings and CDs without leaving your home.

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Buy Sony 7506 Headphones
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Sony MDR-7506 Headphones- "Top rated for accurate, detailed music reproduction. These pro-quality headphones let you hear it all. Premium 40mm drivers reproduce every musical nuance. Closed-ear design gives a tight bass response, practically eliminates external noise, and snuggles over the ears for hours of comfort. Frequency response is a flat 10Hz to 20kHz so you accurately hear what's on tape. Gold-plated connectors prevent rust and corrosion, and a UniMatch plug is provided for both 1/4' and 1/8' jacks. Phones fold for easy storage. Includes soft case." Our thoughts: We love these things! Great in the recording studio and great plugged into your stereo or computer system. An industry standard.
Nady CMX16A Mixer
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Nady CMX16A Mixer- "Offering up to twenty channels (including aux returns) plus two RCA tape inputs, this compact console and rackmountable mixer delivers top performance, full-functioned flexibility, and ultimate value and is ideal for even the most demanding mixing applications. Full frequency response, wide dynamic range and ultra low noise assures natural, transparent sound with maximum headroom." Pro Recommendation: "Best deal in town" Great for live or in the studio.- Michael Hurwitz
Alesis ADAT-HD24 Digital Recorder
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Alesis ADAT-HD24 Digital Recorder- In the studio or on the road, the Alesis ADAT-HD24 Digital Recorder gets the job done. This is the world's first 24-track, 24-bit/96kHz hard disk recorder designed to fit comfortably into any standard ADAT environment and match ADAT's legendary performance and affordability. The onboard 40GB hard drive can be easily extended with low-cost IDE computer drives that are as affordable as traditional ADAT tape on a per-track basis. 2 hot-swappable media bays provide convenient access to the recording drives and allow quick backup from one hard drive to another. The only HD recorder that includes ADAT optical format and ADAT Sync to work efficiently with existing ADAT systems. Pro Recommendation:"Proven Standard" Pro-quality hard disk studio recorder.- Michael Hurwitz
Buy PreSonus BlueTube DP Stereo Microphone Preamp
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PreSonus BlueTube DP Stereo Microphone Preamp- "The PreSonus BlueTube DP Stereo Microphone Preamp is among the most versatile 2-channel preamps in its class. The BlueTube DP's Dual Path technology lets you choose between 2 preamp stages: a transparent solid-state or warm tube preamp. Dual Neutrik combo connectors allow easy access to the mic and instrument inputs. Large analog VU meters provide precise visual monitoring. The BlueTube delivers higher headroom and a 6dB better noise floor than its predecessor."
Alesis USB Mic Podcast Kit
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Alesis USB Mic Podcast Kit - "The easiest way to create podcasts and get them heard on the web. Recording professional-sounding podcasts with your Mac or PC has never been simpler and more affordable than with Alesis' USB-Mic Podcasting Kit. To get ready to make your podcast, just plug the high-quality USB microphone into your computer (with no complicated drivers to install) and use the included Audacity software to record your voice, music, and any other external sounds you wish to include for your final product. The USB-Mic provides 16 bit / 44.1 48kHz audio straight to your computer, and the Kit includes high-quality headphones for monitoring your session."

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