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CD Harmonica Instruction

Learn with CD Instruction- Some of the instruction below is done solely or primarily through the use of audio CDs. The other instruction listed here is part of a book/CD set.

Blues Harmonica Masterclass
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Blues Harmonica Masterclass (3-CD Box Set)- "Contains 3 hours of personal instruction from famous harmonica man Jerry Portnoy. Comes packed in a sturdy case containing 3 CDs and a book. With more than 300 playing examples at slow and regular speed, along with coaching and explanations, this is a very comprehensive blues harmonica instruction set. At the end of the course are 9 guitar tracks to play along with." Our Comments: This box set will certainly benefit intermediate and advanced players, but even beginners can start listening and learning from Chicago blues legend Jerry Portnoy. This instructional requires a standard key of "A" diatonic harmonica.
Buy Blues Harp Workshop CD-ROM
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Interactive Blues Harp Workshop (CD-ROM)- "For diatonic harmonica. Blues. Level: beginning. Interactive CD-ROM for PC (Mac?). Licks and phrases. By Steve Baker" Our Comments: There was not much information on this CD-ROM. If you pick it up, let us know what you think. The material here may be very similar to what you find on this site.
Buy Gindick book
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Rock n' Blues Harmonica (book/CD)- "A World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index for a New Generation of Harp Players (Includes 224 page book and 74 minute stereo CD Jamming Buddy) by Jon Gindick. Rock n' Blues harmonica uses fact, fiction, illustration and notation to teach Music Theory 101, chord progressions, puckering, tongue blocking, octaves, warbles, vibrato, bends, overblows, secrets of great tone, and much more." Our Comments: An essential book for anyone starting out. Easy to understand and learn from (and you don't need to turn on your computer). The best of the "offline" beginning instruction.
Buy Harmonica Americana
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Harmonica Americana (2 CDs/book)- "Pull up a chair, pull out a harpoon, 'cause Jon "Doc" Gindick is going to teach you to beautifully play the American classics. 176-page book and two CDs make this a great way to learn to play songs and the harmonica." Our Comments: Good stuff.
Buy Learn To Play: All-American Harp
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Learn To Play: All-American Harp (book/CD)- " by Charlie McCoy. Learn to play all the great American styles from Chicago blues to Nashville country or down to the Rio Grande for Tex-Mex. Easy to follow CD and book for absolute beginners."
Buy blues harp instruction
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Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp (book/CD)- "By David Barrett and Mel Bay. Instuctional for blues diatonic harmonica. Classic Chicago blues harp style. Level: all levels. Book/CD package."
Buy Bluegrass Instruction
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Bluegrass Harmonica : Techniques, Tips, Songs, and Inside Information (book/CD)- "Extraordinary harpist Mike Stevens has been named Central Canadian Bluegrass Entertainer of the Year five years in a row. In this book, he teaches all the techniques, tips and inside information you need to know to play bluegrass harmonica. He covers holding the harp, lip pursing, tongue blocking, draw bending, vibrato, attacking the notes, wind chops, and a lot more. The CD features practice tunes for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, including 2 versions of some of the intermediate and advanced tunes, 1 at standard tempo, and 1 slowed down for easier learning." Our Comments: A good place to get started if you have an interest in bluegrass and country harmonica.
Buy Harp Handbook
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The Harp Handbook (book/CD)- "The complete handbook on the harp (harmonica). Begin with training exercises while learning about the history of the harmonica, as well as its construction, techniques, styles, tunings and amplifications. Includes an instructional CD. By Steve Baker." Our Comments: A great reference for intermediate and advanced players.
Buy Musician's Institute Ear Training for All Musicians
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Musician's Institute Ear Training for All Musicians (Book & 2-CD Set)- "This book and double CD pack takes you step-by-step through Musician Institute's well-known ear training course. Complete lessons and analysis include: basic pitch matching; singing major and minor scales; identifying intervals; transcribing melodies and rhythm; identifying chords and progressions; seventh chords and the blues; modal interchange; chromaticism; modulation; and more. Over 2 hours of practice exercises with complete answers in the back of the book. 122 pages."

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