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Accordians- If you decide to expand into the widenworld of music with an instrument other than the harmonica, here are some good quality choices to consider for yourself or as a gift for another. If you can get the folks around you playing music also, they won't be so annoyed at your incessant practicing. And, if you get 'em going on accordian, keyboards or guitar, you'll have an instant jamming buddy.

Sofia Mari 32-Key 32 Bass Accordion
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Sofia Mari 32-Key 32 Bass Accordion
- "This piano accordion features a rhinestone pattern and has 32 keys and 32 bass notes. Includes deluxe straps, bellows protector, and hard case. A great instrument for adding unique textures to your folk, tango, Latino, and world music."
Sofia Mari 34-Key 48 Bass Accordion
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Musician's Friend SM3448 34-Key 48-Bass Piano Accordion
- "Great for tango, folk, and Latino styles. The Musician's Friend SM3448 Piano Accordion has 34-keys with 48 bass notes and 5 tremolo effects. The bass buttons provide counter-bass, bass, major chords, and minor chords. Musician's Friend Accordion features a rhinestone pattern, deluxe straps, and bellows protector pad. We include a hard case with your SM3448 Piano-style Accordion."
Sofia Mari 31-Button Diatonic Accordion
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Sofia Mari 31-Button Diatonic Accordion - "This rhinestone pattern 31-button diatonic model in G/C/F has 12 bass buttons and includes deluxe straps, a bellows protector pad, and hard case. A nicely appointed instrument to flavor your folk, Latino, cajun, and world music"
Whacky Music C Major Diatonic Scale Set (Upper Octave) Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes
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Hohner UC102R Toy Accordion- "7 treble buttons, songbook, and playing instructions. Ages 4 and up. Red."

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