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Harmonica and Guitar Tuners- If you want to keep your single notes, chords, and octaves sounding good, or if you have the need to re-tune your harmonicas to create alternate tuned diatonics or chromatics, a good electronic tuner is a must. Electronic tuners also come in handy when learning to bend notes to see if the bent note is actually changing and exactly by how much. For tuning adjustments, you'll also need a tool kit to go with the tuner.

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Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner- "This compact little chromatic tuner has calibration, auto, and manual modes. It features a built in mic, sharp/flat/in tune LEDs, note and frequency displays. Great for harmonicas, guitars, horns, keyboards . . . anything." Our Comments: For you folks that actually want to tune or re-tune your harmonicas. Not all electronic tuners "hear" harmonica notes well, this one does. Also, a great aid in learning how to bend- watch to see how much the note drops in pitch.

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